Gruppo di studio acroyoga italiaAfter years of work to spread AcroYoga in Italy we have estabilished some study groups in the main cityes where you can start learning this discipline.

Those who attended a workshop or retreat and wish to keep practicing, may join this groups as well as those who just want to give AcroYoga a try.

Some of this groups already turn in to regular courses lead by certified teachers while others are jus meetings held on a regular basis to keep on practicing with experienced students.

A tribe of enthusiasts is waiting for you to learn in a fun space.

Find the nearest group through the form below

AcroYoga ready to flyAcroYoga Workshops are short seminars where we study techniques for about 3-4 hours and can be organized anywhere to offer the opportunity to begin or refine the practice trough sequences, poses and various aspects.

A workshop is the space where you can learn and practice in a short period of time expecially if you can't attend a retreat or immersion.

If you want to organize a workshop in your space or town please contact us:

By phone: 339 640 0458 - via mail:

You can also visit the a Certified Techers area to find one



The  AcroYoga Jam Sessions are gatherings where you can meet other participants and share the practice exploring new stuff in a fun and socializing environment. Here you can refine your skills from those who have more experience.

Jams are generally organized by one or more certified teachers so that there is a minimal structure to held the space in a safe way... infact during this meetings the energy can really fly high, someone who takes care of safety is a good presence :-)

During Jams you will meet new friends with whom you can keep the practice fresh and ongoing.

If your inner child is calling for more space... the Jams are for you !!!

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