AcroYoga Retreat: Italian Kula Celebration

From Friday 27 July 2018 -  15:30
To Sunday 29 July 2018 - 17:00



Here we are at the Eighth Edition of this beautiful event: the celebration of the AcroYoga community in Italy !!!

Several certified teachers to guide you through different practice styles!

A special occasion to practice, learn and connect!

This retreat is open to all those who want to devote three days to the practice of Yoga and AcroYoga to learn a lot of new things from Certified Teachers in a fairytale place that with its magical atmosphere helps to get to the heart of this discipline by meeting many other people and new friends full of desire to live, grow together and have fun

This residential seminar is an opportunity to bring together Italian and non acroyoghis. This is, above all, an opportunity to reinforce the Italian Kula (family) :-)

Kula means in fact community, family. Every year we organize this retreat to offer to those who practicing acroyoga or are approaching it, an opportunity for meeting and studying. Whether you have already practiced AcroYoga or not, you cannot miss it!

You will be guided in this retreat by a lot of certified teachers: there will be workshops for all levels conducted by various teachers who will share their knowledge and ways of interpreting AcroYoga.

You can follow basic, intermediate or advanced lessons depending on your level of practice. So, the Retreat is really open to everyone ;-)

A full immersion:

In a retreat like this, thanks to the fact that we practice about 10 hours a day (!), You have a lot of time available to study and learn from people with a lot of experience! Don’t worry! There will be also free time and lots of good vegan food.

You'll take a lot of things home!

Designed for those infected with Chronic AcroYoghite type C

epidemia acroyoga

Here's what we'll do:

  • • Study and practice of positions: basic, intermediate and advanced (depending on the levels)
  • • Deepening of fundamental transitions
  • • Study of preparatory practices for yogic flight
  • • Practice of experimental transitions
  • • Sequence study divided by levels
  • • Jamming: free practice in special moments
  • • Educational games to free the inner child

What will you take home:

  • • A great technical improvement thanks to detailed explanations of the techniques
  • • Many new ideas for practice and physical preparation
  • • Understanding how to do less effort and more Yoga while you are flying or doing basic
  • • Solid foundations that will make your practice clean and light

And as always ...

  • • you will make new friends
  • • you will relax in a fairytale place
  • • you will have a lot of fun
  • • You will learn a thousand new things about yoga and acroyoga

Who is this meeting aimed at?

This retreat is aimed at all the people who want to discover AcroYoga, perfect it and get to know it more thoroughly, prepare to take a training course in this discipline. But also, to those who want to improve their self-esteem, to grow inwardly overcoming various fears and shyness.

Why should I participate?

  • • To learn a lot of things about Yoga and AcroYoga
  • • To make a lot of new special friends
  • • To overcome personal fears and limits
  • • To discover a new and special world where interpersonal barriers fall
  • • To not have regrets when they will tell you how incredible it was ;-)

In any case ... let it be told by those who participated before you, watch this video:

testimonianze acroyoga italia


Are special requirements required to participate?

Yes sure! to participate you must absolutely have:

  • • Desire to have fun
  • • Desire to discover and/or improve AcroYoga
  • • Desire to make new friends

See the video about this event energy

AcroYoga Retreat ritiro

And if we still have energy ...

We will do Meditations in the woods, trips to the pond for a refreshing dip and we will chant many Kirtan/songs :-)

And we will be nourished by the fabulous food prepared by the Hare Krisna Community living at the Villa Vrindavana!

guarda programma acroyoga

progr ritiro acroyoga


  • For the seminars and workshops 210 euro (tax included)
  • Single day (from 7.30 till 22.00) 90 euro
  • Half day (morningo or afternoon) 50 euro


  • Food and lodging (3 meals)
    • 90 euro for 2 days
    • 45 euro per 1 giorno 


The retreat is happeing at  Villa Vrindavana,  25 minutes from Firenze. An ashram with nice and bright vibrations surrounded by nature and the beauty of Tuscany

VillaVrindavana AcroYoga

Look here to reach villa vrindavana

location corso formazione

Chi guiderà il ritiro:

  • Insegnanti
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    • insegnante-acroyoga-katia.jpg
    • alessandro-amici.jpg
    • eugenia-fabbri.jpg
    • riccardo-ervini.jpg
    • guido-lazzaro.jpg
    • laura-silvestri.jpg
    • cristiana-paolo.jpg

    Informazioni sulla Location:

    Ashram immersion acroyoga

    location corso yoga

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    Per tutte le altre informazioni:

    Tel: 339 6400458

    prenota ritiro acroyoga

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