AcroYoga firenze

We are proud to say that immediately after discovering AcroYoga, we decided to bring it in Italy as we knew that people would love it.

In 2010 we started to spread this discipline in Italy from Yoga Festivals to Yoga centers with enthusiasm and dedication.

In 2016 finally we decided to start training teachers trough the method we have developed to give special emphasis to the yogic side in order to make the acrobatic part more easy to learn so that it can be intended as a tool for inner experiences.

We are now a growing gang of peace warriors who continues to practice and teach the art of flying soft :-)

But ... who are we?

AcroYoga Anukalana Inspired

It is a way to learn and practice AcroYoga that keeps focus on three important aspects:

  1. Keep doing Yoga with all it's aspects while flying,
  2. Using special techniques to avoid fatigue,
  3. Facilitate learning with innovative and entertaining solutions.

Over the years we have developed a method that makes it soft and light the acrobatic experience and gives much space to the typical subtle experiences of Yoga and in the air may become very special.

But what is it? ...

insegnanti acroyoga ay

The Anukalana Inspired AcroYoga style is taught by Yoga Teachers who decided to take the Training and become AcroYogis with this particular approach and contribute to it's development.

They are people with a lot of passion about the technical as well as for the inspirational side of this discipline, and who loves to approach acrobatics as a tool for personal and spiritual development playing with the phisical body and with others.

From these teachers you can learn AcroYoga in a very relaxed, non competitive, fun and engaging environment where a lot of space is created for introspective practice and detailed technical study.

Find a Teacher in your area and begin this adventure!

trova insegnanti acro


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